Don’t speak :))

18. května 2006 v 9:28 | Cherrynečka* |  Textiky pisnicek .))
HmiYou and me A, we Emi used to be A together,

Hmievery day A together, Emi always. A

HmiI really A feel, that I'm Emi losing my A best friend,

HmiI can't believe this A could be Emi the end. A

HmiIt looks as A though Emi you're letting A go

Hmiand if it's real then A I don't want to H know.

®: Emi Don't speak, Ami I know just what you're Dsaying,

HSo please stop Ami explaining,

Ami Don't Dtell me 'cause it Emi hurts. Ami, D

Don't speak, I know what you're thinking,

I don't need your reasons,

Don't tell me 'cause it hurts.

Our memories, they can be inviting,

But some are altogether mighty frightening,

As we die, both you and I,

With my head in my hands I sit and cry.

®: Emi, Dsus2, Emi, G

G It's all F ending, we gotta stop pretending who we E7 are... (222434)





You and me, I can see us dying, always.


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